Monday, 18 April 2011

Uniqueness of uno is (could be the sign of your mood.

I'm hiding these numbers of uno like I'm hiding my feelings for someone out there,
and I'm hiding the colors because it could shows the colors of my life, only black and white.

Kelly miss you, Tash.

We took some pictures without our best friend, our beautiful girl, Ratasha Amangku.
Yg tenang disana tash, disini kelly insyaAllah selalu doain kok. Asik dong ya skrg udah gak sakit2 lg gak usah ke rumah sakit lagi kan. Kita kgn lo kgn karokean bareng, kangen numpahin permen lo, kangen loncat nyanyi2, kangen cerita2, kangen semuanya tp yaudahlah yg penting skrg lo udah tenaaaang bgt pasti di surga, yakan? iyadong pasti hihi I love you my Tashyyy :)